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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hang a chandelier over your stove...or anywhere in your kitchen for that matter!

This may not apply to everyone, but if you have an alcove with a stove (like in my case) or a sink or a cabinet, why not switch out the light for a chandelier!

I picked this one up on a Target clearance not even knowing where I was going to hang it.  In my case this brick stovetop enclosure had an ugly florescent light hanging up inside for task lighting. 

I got a ladder situated to go up in the opening, took the florescent light down, added the new chandelier and completely changed the look of my stove for maybe $15!

Maybe hang one over your island or over your corner sink.  It doesn't have to be an alcove.  You can even change out a can light without the help of an electrician with those new kits they have at Lowes and Home Depot.  Heck, hang it in your pantry.  It's about making your house feel luxurious without spending much!

Now, it's time for everyone to walk around their house to find a place for a chandelier : )

Hanging wall art between drapes (to fill large blank wall spaces)

So with the new trend to hang drapes to the ceiling, I have found that you are often left with large wall spaces between drapery panels if the window your are treating is quite a bit lower than the ceiling. 

To expand upon the post below, once I hung the drapes with the cabinet knobs, I decided the bare wall space in between was just too plain.  I found these cute rectangular wall plaques at Hobby Lobby and hung them in between to help "fill" the gap and just make the window treatment more "complete".  You could hang anything abstract really (an iron piece, a metal piece, a mirror, ceiling tins, etc.)

Who knows, maybe this tip might just give your current window treatments a new lease on life, so they seem "new" without redoing them completely.  Of course, I just use tips as a reason to get out and go shopping : )

Using cabinet knobs to hang drapes

I'm always looking for a creative way to make my windows look different than the standard pole and drape.  I like that look but just don't want it in every room.  In this case I had a window seat in my game room that needed some warming up.  It has a small header above the drapes to work with.  Looking for inexpensive options, I realized cabinet knobs are cheap (or at least some are).  All 15 of these were less than $10 at a local building supply surplus store we have.  Very easy to install. 

You do need to also buy those double sided screws that are a screw on one end and a bolt on the other (They are called hanger bolts).  Just take the cabinet knob over to the hardware section to get the right size double sided screw for your knob.  They sell them individually or in packs (just get the best priced one : )  This is what they look like.

You screw the bolt end into the knob, then the screw end into the wall.  Took maybe 10 minutes to hang these (might take a little longer if you run into metal or difficult studs and need a drill).  Hope this gives you some ideas of drapery hanging alternatives : )