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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fixing broken or cracked makeup

I pinned this idea the other day, and I tried it with a broken powder compact I had. It worked, and I realized I never posted the results.

First I took the broken powder and poured all the contents onto a piece of paper so I could clean up the case. This thing was a mess and making a mess in my makeup basket.

After cleaning it up with my powder brush...

I used the paper to help pour the broken powder back into the compact.

Next I poured in a little rubbing alcohol (just enough to make it a paste).

 I stirred and pounced the mixture with the bottom of a makeup brush to make it an even consistency.

I let it sit overnight and voila, fixed powder. I was shocked at how well it worked! And so simple.

So glad it turned out. Thank you Pinterest!

Stop your mattress and bed skirt from sliding

I recently moved my daughters from their twin loft beds to full size beds with regular frames and headboards. We've never owned smaller beds that weren't against the wall, so we found out the hard way that they shift and slide if you lean on the sides. It was driving me CRAZY. Lean across the bed to grab a pillow and it slides. Walk around the side to push it back and the bed skirt slides up with the mattress. Then you have to pull the bedskirt down. After the second or third time, it gets old. I knew it was a problem I would have to fix.

Did a little searching on the Internet and found that it is a real problem, and people have lots of solutions for it. Safety pin the bed skirt to the box spring, loosely strap the mattress to the box spring (that one was just odd), use spray adhesive to create tackiness, etc. etc.

One suggestion I actually tried, and it worked so well (easy and cheap) I had to share. Buy the no slip shelf liner at Dollar Tree. I found you need four rolls per bed if you have a bed skirt.

First you take off the mattress and bed skirt, then you lay two of the liners down on top of box springs. They are long so they go almost top to bottom on a full bed. We sort of centered them in each half.

Next put the bed skirt back on, then you lay two more shelf liners in exactly the same spot as the original two (right on top with the bedskirt in between.

Lastly you place the mattress back on top. For this job it's best if you have two people, since you have one shot to get it on there perfectly centered. Remember it's not going to slide anymore :).

And that's it. Just try to bump it with your knee. It won't budge. I'm so thrilled I just had to share my tip of the day :)

I did this with all three full beds we now have, and it worked on all of them. Two are single sided mattresses and one is double-sided (all three slid slightly if you bumped them). So it works on both kinds of beds. I understand some beds now come with gripper fabric on top of the box spring and on bottom of the single-sided mattress, and thats where they got the idea. None of mine did unfortunately, but this is the solution.

I'm going to post photos of the actual bed and steps some day. For now just a photo of the actual product so I can pin it :)

Use nail polish to create a custom iphone case

I've created a monster :). My oldest daughter has inherited my "project" gene :). I came home yesterday from running an errand with my younger daughter, and my older daughter greets me at the door with this:  a custom iphone case she painted with nail polish. I was actually impressed.

It started with a clear case we bought at the dollar store a long time ago. She said she painted it with black nail polish first, then painted a top coat of silver crackle paint. Last was a top coat of clear polish.

I was shocked it looked so good. And now she can touch it up if it chips. My husband just shakes his head and says, great...there's going to be three of you running around here "creating" things :). I never would have thought of it, but to a thirteen year old, this is the best project ever :)