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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The best wine bottle opener I've ever owned

I seriously can not believe I have not blogged about this product before now.

I currently own one of these rechargeable wine bottle openers and it's the best thing to hit my bar since I turned 21 (and I have to admit that wasn't recently :).

I have mine plugged in inside my bar and grab it any time I need to open a bottle.

It's so simple and does all of the work for you.
1. Cut the wrapper with the included cutter.
2. Hold opener down on top of the cork and press the down button until the cork comes out of the bottle.
3. Hold the up bottom until the cork come out of the opener.
4 Return it to its charger.There is seriously no work on your part.

I even take it with me to parties where I am bringing wine to drink. Everyone always comments on how easy it is!

Now I see it's only $11 on Amazon! Rechargeable wine bottle opener at Amazon  Well worth the money!

I think I paid $20, but it was worth that.  Here's mine in the cabinet.

Twine candle holder

Another Pinterest inspiration completed. A twine covered candle holder. I absolutely love this one, and it was completely free (my favorite kind of project).

Here it is lit : )

I actually had a spool of twine that the previous owner of my home left.  It has sat in my garage for at least 8 years now.

I also had these frosted candle holders that I hated but kept because they protect other containers from candle wax.

So this morning I started hot gluing the twine around and around for probably 20 minutes (though it seamed like an hour).  I could hardly believe how great they turned out. I think they look even better because my twine was old and rotting.

Here's the before and after shot:


- Glue more times than you think you need to ( I thought I was going to put one spot of glue on the top and one on the bottom, but it's more like 4 times per line at least).

- Use just a little glue at each spot (you don't want to see it through the's a pic to show how little).

- Glue the entire bottom and top row to keep it from slipping off.

- Glue as needed to keep it all straight (you can manipulate it as you go by gluing and pushing down spots that aren't staying in line).

- If the twine breaks as you go, just glue the end, then glue the new start right next to it (if it's a blunt cut) or a little overlapping (if it is a frayed cut).  The above pic shows a spot where my twine broke...obviously it happened a lot since I've figured out this twine is basically unusable for its original purpose since its so rotten :)

- Depending on your type of twine, you might need to trim hairs off the outside when you are done

- This takes time and patience, which I dont have ver much of, so be prepared for that.

Hope this inspires you like the twine container I pinned inspired me :)

Spa sinks in my master bath

Well I finally got back to the dollar store yesterday, so I have added the river rocks to my master bath sink now. We begin the test to see how they do in sinks where toothpaste is being used. I'll kept you posted. I may have some really cute dirt cover for my patio pots here shortly :)