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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Success...found all 5 favors of Crystal Light Mocktails

It took stops at two different stores, but I found them all.

The main three, Margarita, Mojito & Appletini at Walmart for $2.68 (I also picked up their Great Value brand version of margarita...I'll be doing a taste test :).

Found the Limited Edition Peach Bellini and Pomotini at Tom Thumb for $2.50 (Safeway or Randall's sister grocery store). I have such high hopes for the Peach Bellini that I got two.

My friend was at Target and said they only had the three main favors, but on sale for $2.48 and Margarita and Appletini were sold out.

Let the mixing begin. They won't be "mock" for very long :) I'll post successful recipes as I make them :)

Crystal light mocktails

Off to find all 5 of these flavors right now. Will report back as soon as I have found them and tried them. How have these been out for a year and I've never heard of them???

(I'll report back on which girl I feel most like after drinking each one : )  Marketers are so funny...and yes I used to be one.

Hang candle chandeliers in your bath

Or maybe they are called candeliers? Either way they make a great addition to a half bath or WC.

It's often hard to warm up a small bathroom when there is little or no counter space to decorate. One solution is with a hanging candle holder. They are inexpensive and readily available now that the patio decor is out in stores.

Make sure you hang it high enough that no one will bump their head, but low enough that you can light them.

Then when you have people over, you can light the candles to make the bath smell fresh all night (nice way of putting it :)

Faux book storage

I don't know if you've seen these before, but national geographic used to make sleeves to hold their magazines (or they still do maybe).

Well I ran across them at half price books for 25 cents in the clearance section and immediately thought, "I can use these in my study as hidden storage." You know CD-roms, computer booklets, discs, etc. I bought every one they had and put them in my study bookcases. I then went to a second location and found more for 50 cents each. Still a great deal.

You can call ahead to see if they have any vs. driving around. I see them often at resale shops and estate sales as well. Easy thing to collect over time as you spot them.

Hope this idea helps you create more storage in your home :)