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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fix your iPhone cord with a pen spring (and electrical tape if needed)

I got my inspiration from Pinterest. Saw the post about the pen spring to protect the cord, but I had three cords that were frayed like this...

I had tried electrical tape but it just gets it sticky and stretches and doesn't work.

So I decided to wrap a little tape and then put on the spring on to hold it in place.  It worked wonders and I am thrilled.

Take the spring out of a "clicker" pen And place it on the wire near the end of the spring.

Then twist it until it gets to the end so you can get the cut off end of the spring around the iPhone wire.

Once it's around it, twist until the spring is all the way on the the wire.  It should slide back and forth on the wire now.

Slide the spring up and twist to sort of lock it on the wider part that connects the wire to the charger head.  If your spring is too narrow to easily go over this bump, just stretch it a little to get the cut end started, then twist to get more of the spring to go on.  

I've done it to five charger cords now (three to fix and two to protect and it gets easier each time).  

Love a quick fix that fixes what you have instead of going to buy new.  More money stays in my bank account :)


  1. would it work if i use a mechanical pencil

    1. if there is a spring inside the mechanical pencil, I'm sure it would

  2. be careful when trying this... if you dont have the right size of spring from a pen, it will actually tear up the wire more! thats what i did and now its gone worst and now im using tape :C

    1. Sorry to hear that! On one of mine, I wrapped the cord with electrical tape then put on the spring. If you find a larger spring it might help keep the tape on. That was the problem I had, the tape kept coming off or sliding.

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