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Friday, February 8, 2013

The best way to revive wood cabinets and furniture!

As I was completing one of my projects today, I realized there may be people with wood cabinets or furniture who have never heard of Old English Scratch Cover. This is hands down the best way to breathe new life into your wood cabinets or furniture once they start to show the signs of everyday life (scratches and dings from vacuuming, silverware, accidental bumps, etc.)

I thought I would show the inside if my pots and pans cabinet doors as an example (since its quite banged up).



And all it takes is a rag and a little wiping.

Here is what the bottle looks like (with the lid off and my rag sitting on it :). I use the one for Dark Wood because that's what I need. There might be one for light wood, too.

I'm currently wiping every cabinet and piece of furniture in my house with this. It's going to take a while, but it will be well worth the before and after. Definitely something I would do if I was about to put my house on the market, too. Makes everything look shiny and new :)

You can find Old English Scratch Cover for dark wood at most local stores (target, walmart, etc.)  Here is a link to Amazon if you want it shipped to.  It looks like because it is small and inexpensive you have to buy $25 worth of stuff from amazon to get it shipped to you for free (FYI).
This is a must purchase for homeowners with wood furniture :)


  1. Looks very nice and brand new! Will have to give this a try on my teak benches.

    1. It doesn't last forever, but looks so much better for quite a while. Maybe 6 months. Hope it works on your benches :)