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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Use baskets in cabinets to maximize space!

If you've read my blog, you know I am a basket lover. I use them everywhere to help manage all of the clutter that comes along with kids.

One of my favorite places to put them is inside a cabinet. It turns an impossible place to store things into a drawer that can hold so much more. You can use every inch of space in there. Plus you can pull it out and take the contents where you need them.

In this case, this is my single lower cabinet in my laundry room. We use the top basket for everything swim team related, and the bottom for all things Girl Scouts.

These days it's so easy to find baskets that fit (at a great price, too). Ikea, World Market, TJMaxx, etc., etc...they are everywhere!

So look around your house for cabinets that would be better utilized if they had a basket "drawer", take note of the opening dimensions, then take them with you when you go shopping (I personally keep all that info in my Notes app on my phone). I'm sure you'll find the perfect ones in no time. Good luck organizing :)

Insulated beverage tub!

I was hesitant to blog about this product (you'll see why in a minute), but after getting it out for the first time this season I just couldn't help it. I absolutely LOVE this find.

It's the Coleman Party Tub Cooler. I always wanted a beverage tub, but knew it needed to be insulted or it would drip sweat. I happened upon this a few years ago and searched the Internet for a good deal on one.

Luckily I'm also an avid Craigslist shopper, and found one for $30 in the original box. I jumped on it and have never looked back. Might be the best summer product I've ever purchased.

The bad news... They don't sell them anymore! I've looked all over the Internet to no avail. I decided to go ahead and blog about it though.  Not because I like to brag about great products I have that you can't get :), but because there are other insulted beverage tubs out there. That's the main reason I love this one. It can be used indoors because it wont drip!

So if you love the looks of this one, start hunting Craigslist (I saw one in the Dallas area a few weeks ago). If you have seen any of these around, let us know where.

If you just like the idea of a beverage tub that is insulted, here are a few I found as options.

This one is by Keter and is actually a table, too. Keter Cooler at Amazon The cheapest I have found is on Amazon for $69 with free shipping.  Only four left as of now.

I actually saw is at Target as well this year, but I think it was $100 (it comes in a lot of color combinations at Target, so pay attention to the sticker on the box that tells you the color inside and out). It's called a cool bar I think.  I actually discovered this one at Bed, Bath and Beyond when I was first looking, and I see that they sell it online as well.

I must admit I'm a little jealous of this one.  It can stay outside and be protected, and function as a table when in use or not. Nice!