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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Use baskets in cabinets to maximize space!

If you've read my blog, you know I am a basket lover. I use them everywhere to help manage all of the clutter that comes along with kids.

One of my favorite places to put them is inside a cabinet. It turns an impossible place to store things into a drawer that can hold so much more. You can use every inch of space in there. Plus you can pull it out and take the contents where you need them.

In this case, this is my single lower cabinet in my laundry room. We use the top basket for everything swim team related, and the bottom for all things Girl Scouts.

These days it's so easy to find baskets that fit (at a great price, too). Ikea, World Market, TJMaxx, etc., etc...they are everywhere!

So look around your house for cabinets that would be better utilized if they had a basket "drawer", take note of the opening dimensions, then take them with you when you go shopping (I personally keep all that info in my Notes app on my phone). I'm sure you'll find the perfect ones in no time. Good luck organizing :)

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