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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painting switch or plug plates

This is my first "project from the past" post. I've done so many things around my house already, that I'll be highlighting completed things as well.

This is spray painted plugs and light switches. Tape off around the plate and just spray. The brown plastic at the bottom is before and the textured metal looking one is after. I've had these like this for many years and no chipping. I used the hammered metal spray paint by Rustoleum you can get at Home Depot or Lowes.  The color is either dark bronze or brown.

After - Plug

After - light switch*


The light switch is an outdoor "cover" plate I picked up at Home Depot.  These plugs are all on my island and there's an odd double switch that controls one overhead light and the garbage disposal in the sink.  For fear that someone might accidentally hit the switch at a bad time, I decided to cover it to prevent it from accidentally happening.  That switch plate was gray before I painted it, so you can see that the hammered metal paint really covers well.


  1. What about the plug in holes?? Doesn't spray paint get in there? did you co something to prevent that?
    I live in a town home that I rent.. so we cant change much but the outlets in our place are a dingy yellow and I think it takes away from the pretty and clean look I have created.. I think I want to give ours a fresh new coat of white.

    I am afraid though the owner won't appreciate it so I think im going to try with one maybe even just the cover first and see how it looks and so if I dont think it looks good all I have to do is replace the cover.

    1. it's a light misting of paint from side to side, so no it's doesn't really get in the holes. I got the idea from HGTV and they just used wall paint one time and spray paint another. Good luck :)

    2. For outlet covers, why not just take the cover off. It's usually attached with just one or two small screws. Paint it and then reattach. No worries.

    3. Because you need to paint the plate and the plug portion itself so it all matches :)

  2. Sorry for adding this so late in the game. My experience was that you need to lightly sand the covers before painting, to give them some "tooth" for the paint to stick. Then spray with a clear sealer to finish. Otherwise, the paint will just peel right off (speaks the voice of experience :().

    1. I didn't and it's never peeled but good idea either way! 😊