Call it a compilation of all the crazy projects I've come up with over the years. Call it a how-to for things around the house. Call it whatever you like :) It's what I do everyday. My blog is really just a way for me to share what I've learned over the years about home improvement, interior design, organization, diy, crafting and home repair. And most importantly it comes from always working on a budget and forever wanting to fend for myself when it comes to anything. I hope you enjoy (and learn a few things along the way :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY iPad stylus...use on any capacitive know, one you have to touch with your finger :)

So this project was easier than I thought. One metal pen and one piece of sponge.

I took the ink cartridge out of the pen and shoved a thin piece of the sponge into it, making sure enough sponge was sticking out of the pen to protect the screen from the metal of the pen.

It really was just that simple. I found out online that sponges conduct electricity and therefore they work to get the electrical charge from you finger to the screen.  In this case, the electricity is able to pass from the metal pen to the sponge, then your screen. I had the sponge lying around, but I'm pretty sure I got it from the dollar store (the type that looks like a sponge vs. foam).  Like this:

If you are wondering if the sponge you have works, just test the sponge before you put it in the pen (holding the sponge and see if you can use it to control the iPad before you make the stylus). I was actually surprised that it worked :)

Another free project!

Hang baskets under your cabinets for extra storage

One of my favorite storage solutions in my home is my wall baskets in my kitchen.  I hung four of them under a bank of cabinets with an odd cut out spot.  It was dead space that was just crying out for a storage solution.

I found these hanging baskets at pier 1 and they fit perfectly.  Just enough room for four. We use them to store tape/glue in one, scissors in another, permanent markers in the third, and a few other office supplies in the last.  Keeps them "easy to find" and in their own specific spot.

It's sort of the same concept IKEA has with those rod and basket systems they sell (obviously this was a much cheaper option, and the type of basket I bought hides the contents...but theirs are very cute : )

Wall baskets can really be hung anywhere (down a odd small wall, on a wall in a pantry).  There are quite a few options out there if you just search wall basket (some are more country, others more primitive, some more modern).  Another great way to organize your stuff.

My latest apothecary jars - wine corks and monogram

Here is my latest apothecary jar update.  Since there isn't a holiday on the horizon, I decided to go with a more universal theme that I can use in between various holidays.  At first I thought I might do a generic spring theme, but when you have this many corks on hand, its too tempting to use them : )

I first needed the letters (I decided on an A monogram).  I went to Hobby Lobby and didn't like the A in the whimsical style of the only smaller letter they had.  It sort of looked like an oddly shapped D.  So I went to Michaels and found quite a few smaller-sized letters to choose from .  This was the only lower case option (they had three upper case options that I didn't really like either). 

I decided to paint them with my trusty Modern Options Sophisticated Finishes Blackend Bronze paint (by the way, I did look for it at Michaels while I was there to see if they still had it, and yes they do, right in the middle of unfinished wood section as before. Its $9.99 full price, but of course use your 40% off coupon : )

For the ribbon I used a furry cheetah that I found a Michaels a while back. It was a single-sided style, which always proves to be tricky in a bow tieing situation, so I just "glued" it into a bow : )  Whatever works right!

With this one you get a twofer.  Apothecary jar project and wine cork project!