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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY iPad stylus...use on any capacitive know, one you have to touch with your finger :)

So this project was easier than I thought. One metal pen and one piece of sponge.

I took the ink cartridge out of the pen and shoved a thin piece of the sponge into it, making sure enough sponge was sticking out of the pen to protect the screen from the metal of the pen.

It really was just that simple. I found out online that sponges conduct electricity and therefore they work to get the electrical charge from you finger to the screen.  In this case, the electricity is able to pass from the metal pen to the sponge, then your screen. I had the sponge lying around, but I'm pretty sure I got it from the dollar store (the type that looks like a sponge vs. foam).  Like this:

If you are wondering if the sponge you have works, just test the sponge before you put it in the pen (holding the sponge and see if you can use it to control the iPad before you make the stylus). I was actually surprised that it worked :)

Another free project!

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