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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My latest apothecary jars - wine corks and monogram

Here is my latest apothecary jar update.  Since there isn't a holiday on the horizon, I decided to go with a more universal theme that I can use in between various holidays.  At first I thought I might do a generic spring theme, but when you have this many corks on hand, its too tempting to use them : )

I first needed the letters (I decided on an A monogram).  I went to Hobby Lobby and didn't like the A in the whimsical style of the only smaller letter they had.  It sort of looked like an oddly shapped D.  So I went to Michaels and found quite a few smaller-sized letters to choose from .  This was the only lower case option (they had three upper case options that I didn't really like either). 

I decided to paint them with my trusty Modern Options Sophisticated Finishes Blackend Bronze paint (by the way, I did look for it at Michaels while I was there to see if they still had it, and yes they do, right in the middle of unfinished wood section as before. Its $9.99 full price, but of course use your 40% off coupon : )

For the ribbon I used a furry cheetah that I found a Michaels a while back. It was a single-sided style, which always proves to be tricky in a bow tieing situation, so I just "glued" it into a bow : )  Whatever works right!

With this one you get a twofer.  Apothecary jar project and wine cork project!

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