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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Disguise the inside of your glass cabinet with burlap

I currently have two built-in entertainment cabinets in my home, and I've always hated staring at the contents through the glass.

I wanted a way to cover them up, but allow the electronics to continue to be controlled by their remotes. Not to mention I didn't want a solution that required an expensive remote extender.

I tried frosting the doors with contact paper, but you could still see the components. I then thought what about a loose weave fabric? Went to Joann's and found this chocolate brown burlap. For 1.99¢ a yard, I thought...don't know if it will work, but it's cheap enough to take it home and try it.

Used a staple gun to attach it, and it worked perfectly. No trouble controlling the components and it hides everything perfectly.

Ridiculously inexpensive solution to a nagging problem around the home. Happy stapling :)

-The burlap frays easily. So I will most likely staple a flip seam when I do this again in my game room. You know fold over about a 1/2 inch then staple.
- you can still slightly see a light or two behind the burlap, but it is almost entirely camouflaged (that's the clock on the right top side...the rest is reflection)

98¢ spray paint to repaint furniture!

Well this was an experiment to see how the "cheap" spray paint at Home Depot would work at painting furniture. (yes, that's my favorite spray paint tool on the top of the can : )

I painted my kitchen tabletop the old fashioned way (can of enamel paint, roller, brush, sanding, etc.) and it was a nightmare. Took forever and was a pain! So when I had a white corner table/shelf that I wanted black, I decided...what better piece to try it on. Doesn't get a lot of use, and it just sits there.

I grabbed my can, sprayed one coat and voila! Perfect. So much better! Would I do it on my kitchen table...probably not, but the backs of my kitchen chairs that I still need to paint. Yes! So inexpensive and so fast.

Fun dotted nails!

My first nail post!

My daughter left her nail polish in the living room today, so now mine are painted!

CND Electric Purple base with with black dots (fine tip applicator).

So fun :)