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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Footed Candle Holder - St. Patricks Day

So now that I have created these footed candle holders and two are on my island with my holiday apothecary jars, I've decided to include them in the holiday theme changes.  For St. Patricks Day, I changed the candles to white and filled the bottom with green sugar.

Dollar store and Bath & Bodyworks footed candle holder

So I've been on a dollar store apothecary jar kick, and it made me think....What else can I do with these glass candlesticks?

Well recently I bought some candles from Bath & Bodyworks for $1, which included the glass holder and a candle in a plastic holder. It wasn't something I would ever set out, since it is too small and too simple.  Of course, they smelled so good and were marked down to be so inexpensive, I couldn't pass them up.

Why not add a glass candlestick to the bottom to make them something nicer to set out. Love the results!  This is the one I set out on Valentines.  Next year I'm adding candy hearts.

St. Patricks Day Apothecary Jars

Here's my latest holiday update to my apothecary jar set...St. Patrick's Day.  I couldn't come up with a three letter word to do, so I used clovers.  These are foam clover coasters from Dollar Tree.  I doubled them up, then cut out the centers.  I continued with the foil confetti inside (green this time obviously, one bag from the Dollar Tree).  The ribbon I found for $1 at JoAnns. It has glittery clovers on it so it was a much use : )

My set isn't available at kirklands anymore, but here's a set from amazon that is a good deal and looks very pretty