Call it a compilation of all the crazy projects I've come up with over the years. Call it a how-to for things around the house. Call it whatever you like :) It's what I do everyday. My blog is really just a way for me to share what I've learned over the years about home improvement, interior design, organization, diy, crafting and home repair. And most importantly it comes from always working on a budget and forever wanting to fend for myself when it comes to anything. I hope you enjoy (and learn a few things along the way :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fortune cookie keeper bracelet

Just happened upon this while I was looking for some fortune ideas to put in my neices and nephews christmas gifts this year.  Love these!!!!!  Nothing better than finding a good fortune at just the right time in your life.  Now you can keep it!  What a great christmas gift for the hard to buy for female in your life!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to fix your iPad that has turned red and fuzzy.

It's as simple as tapping it on the back!

My daughter took her iPad to school and brought it home red and fuzzy.  I know not good.  When you turned it on the screen was red with a white apple like this:

Then when you got to the home screen it was fuzzy or "noisy" with pixels floating.  Plus it had a red tint like this:

Searched the internet and found out you just tap it on the back!  So it ook it out of the case, turned it over and tapped it with my palm four times around the center.  Turned it over and voila!  Fixed!  My daughter almost lost it.  What a quick and easy save.  Love the internet.  Hope this helps!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a difference dark brown windows make

My neighbor is replacing their white divided light windows with dark brown windows.  I had to stop my car and take a picture mid project.  With both types of windows still in place, it's so evident how much nicer the home looks...can't wait to see it finished!

Another monster high broken knee fix :)

This time my friend's daughter's Draculara leg broke, and the "de-headed" screw worked I decided to post it again.

In this pic you see the broken knee and the screw with the head cut off.  Here's my post on how I fixed Venus McFlytrap with step by step instructions.  

This post is just a reminder that it can be done.  For some reason I didn't get a shot of the knee fixed.  Next time I go over I'll take a pic and add it to the post.

Side shot of the broken knee so you can see what break I'm repairing.

Good luck fixing your doll :). It's easy!

Fix your iPhone cord with a pen spring (and electrical tape if needed)

I got my inspiration from Pinterest. Saw the post about the pen spring to protect the cord, but I had three cords that were frayed like this...

I had tried electrical tape but it just gets it sticky and stretches and doesn't work.

So I decided to wrap a little tape and then put on the spring on to hold it in place.  It worked wonders and I am thrilled.

Take the spring out of a "clicker" pen And place it on the wire near the end of the spring.

Then twist it until it gets to the end so you can get the cut off end of the spring around the iPhone wire.

Once it's around it, twist until the spring is all the way on the the wire.  It should slide back and forth on the wire now.

Slide the spring up and twist to sort of lock it on the wider part that connects the wire to the charger head.  If your spring is too narrow to easily go over this bump, just stretch it a little to get the cut end started, then twist to get more of the spring to go on.  

I've done it to five now (three to fix and two to protect and it gets easier each time).  

Love a quick fix that fixes what you have instead of going to buy new.  More money stays in my bank account :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

I finally made my toilet paper roll faux iron wall piece

I was truly inspired by the toilet paper roll faux iron art I kept seeing on Pinterest.

I collected toilet paper rolls for quite a while to organize my computer cables (another suggestion I saw on Pinterest).

Because I had so many leftover after I finished organizing my cables, I decided to search Pinterest for another project. That's when I saw the faux iron artwork project.

I cut all my toilet paper rolls into 10 slices or rings each By flattening the roll and then cutting it (no need to measure, just estimate the width as you doesn't need to be perfect).

I then just started gluing them together with a hot glue gun.

As you can see I started with six in the center, and then just added a new piece in every space, symmetrically.

You only need to glue on the bottom inch of the fold before you attach it in the space.

Just keep building and building until it reaches the size that you want.

Now I just need to decide where I want to hang it and whether or not I want to paint it :)

Make an old piece of art personalized

Inspired by Pinterest, I decided to do one of the "date" pieces of art that appears all over my favorite site.

Of course I have no wall space for new artwork. So I decided to make my own print and put it on top of another piece of art somewhere in my house.

I started by creating a print with my husband's birthday, my birthday, our wedding date, then both of my daughter's birthdays.  I just centered everything on the page and picked fonts that would go with the old map picture I was going to cover up.

Always wanting to complete every project for free, I just used plain white printer paper.

After printing it out I tea-stained it, as seen in the picture below:

Then I opened up the piece of art, simply placed it on top, and closed it back up.  And there you go, a brand-new piece of art, personalized with our family details.