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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to fix a broken plastic sandal or flip flop with a screw...two examples!

Ok I realize this won't fix every broken sandal, but if you have a rubber or plastic flip flop or sandal where a strap has broken, this might work. 

The first example is where the center strap tab broke off the bottom.

I literally just used a screw to screw it back together.  Ok, I did screw it in, unscrew it, add superglue to the twists of the screw then screwed it back in.  Thought that would help it hold.

It has even held through four wears already!  Quick and easy fix!

Another example is where a side strap broke on the top.  Again I just used a screw to secure it to the sole.  I put super glue on the screw portion on this one as well.  Can't even feel it when I wear it.

And since my foot is on it when I wear it, you can't even see it.  Hope this helps you salvage your favorite pair of flip flops :)

Two T-shirt transformation ideas. Tied up tank and twist braided back!

We started with two over-sized T-shirts.  One was an "I heart NY" T-shirt my husband bought, then my daughter tie-dyed for a school project.  The other was a Flower Mound High School Jaguars shirt we were given by a friend.  Both were too large, so we needed to make them slimmer.  The best way to do that...T-shirt slitting and tying or braiding/looping.

The first was the Flower Mound T-shirt.  This was way too big, so we started by cutting off just the exact collar and sleeves, cutting just below the seams so they weren't left on the shirt.

We decided on side ties for this one, so we slit each side 1 inch apart and 4 inches long (8" overall since it is 4" on back and front).  I find it easiest to measure and mark, but it isnt necessary. We used chalk to mark since the shirt was dark.

We then cut each loop we created in half.

And then double knotted each one.

Once we were done, we realized the sleeve looked odd with just this one bit under the arm (or in the armpit).

So we cut it in 1/2 and knotted it, too.

Here is the finished tied shirt.

And here is what it looks like on the side.

Or the front.  Takes several inches off each side!  There really aren't any gaps, so you can wear it without an undershirt, or over a bathing suit like my daughter.

Next was the tie dyed shirt and my daughter wanted this to be a tank bathing suit cover.  So we started by cutting off the collar and sleeves.  We cut the sleeves in a little and the neck a little more scooped.  We just eyeballed it at this point (we decided we could always trim more later).

That is to show where we cut it, and this shows what it looked like after.

We decided to do a twist braid down the back, so we folded the shirt in half on the back and cut slits every inch.   We cut them 6 inches wide overall (you actually measure 3 inches since its folded in half). This time we used pencil since the shirt was lighter. 

Next we braided.  And this is simple.  It's really just looping.  You take the top loop, place it over the second loop, then you pull the second loop through so it is now going through the top loop from bottom to top.  Now you don't start twisting until the second loop (you can continue on with a simple loop pull, but we wanted to make it skinnier, so we started twisting on the second loop).  So instead of just continuing down, with the second loop you do one twist before you pull the next loop.  That's it!

It easiest to put two fingers through the twisted loop then use those fingers to grab the next loop.

Continue all the way to the bottom.  Then its time to tie off the bottom. Slit the last loop in half, then slit each piece in half lengthwise.

Place each side of the "V" on either side of the loop it is going through.

Then double knot each

And here is the finished back!  Wear it over a bathing suit or tank.

How to fix a monster high stand clip, works on most plastic doll stands!

Sometimes these things break.  So instead of throwing it out.  Fix it really quick!

Start with the tiniest drilll bit you can.  Much smaller than either side of the doll clip.

Drill a small hole into both broken pieces where they came together.

Use a small double sided screw to join them (you can just cut the head off of a screw like I did or use a real double sided screw).  Screw it into the larger part first.

Then just screw the small part onto the larger part.  It is best to unscrew it all once you fix it, then put a tiny bit of super glue in the holes and reassemble to make sure it holds.  

Hope this helps with your broken doll stand :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fortune cookie keeper bracelet

Just happened upon this while I was looking for some fortune ideas to put in my neices and nephews Christmas gifts this year.  Love these!!!!!  Nothing better than finding a good fortune at just the right time in your life.  Now you can keep it!  What a great gift for the hard to buy for female in your life!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to fix your iPad that has turned red and fuzzy.

It's as simple as tapping it on the back!

My daughter took her iPad to school and brought it home red and fuzzy.  I know not good.  When you turned it on the screen was red with a white apple like this:

Then when you got to the home screen it was fuzzy or "noisy" with pixels floating.  Plus it had a red tint like this:

Searched the internet and found out you just tap it on the back!  So I took it out of the case, turned it over and tapped it with my palm four times around the center.  Turned it over and voila!  Fixed!  My daughter almost lost it.  What a quick and easy save.  Love the internet.  Hope this helps!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a difference dark brown windows make

My neighbor is replacing their white divided light windows with dark brown windows.  I had to stop my car and take a picture mid project.  With both types of windows still in place, it's so evident how much nicer the home looks...can't wait to see it finished!

Another monster high broken knee fix :)

This time my friend's daughter's Draculara leg broke, and the "de-headed" screw worked I decided to post it again.

In this pic you see the broken knee and the screw with the head cut off.  Here's my post on how I fixed Venus McFlytrap with step by step instructions.  

This post is just a reminder that it can be done.  For some reason I didn't get a shot of the knee fixed.  Next time I go over I'll take a pic and add it to the post.

Side shot of the broken knee so you can see what break I'm repairing.

Good luck fixing your doll :). It's easy!