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Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick rustic refinish for the top of your kitchen table

I know a lot of us have worn kitchen tables.  Mine has an iron base and wood top, but the wood had seen better days.  Chipping, splitting and just general surface scratches all over it, making it look dull.

I'm not a fan of stripping and re-staining because it's hard work, and I have more wood in my house than I need. I welcomed a change from wood on wood.  My  The iron has black in it, so it would match the rest of the table set.  I had a pint of black enamel paint so I decided to go with it.  This was so quick I had to post it.

First a quick surface sand with my hand sander.  This is a quick sand to give it "tooth" to hold the paint.  Then wipe with a lightly damp cloth to remove the sawdust, and let it dry.  Next paint.  I used a brush because I wanted the brush strokes (I like a rustic look because it hides more imperfections). Plus the table had "faux distressing" in spots and the new finish needed to match.

Let it dry, then it was a second coat and done.  I didn't wait long enough, so it started to "bubble" or "separate" a little but I liked the look so I kept it. No top coat because it didn't need it.

And voila finished!

It's that simple!  Rustic black finish for my kitchen table, and it's lasted already over two years now with no sign of wear!

Frame box as a vase!

A friend had a plant delivered to her at work today in the cutest "vase".  It was a trunk style box with a hinged lid with frames on all four sides.  What a neat play on the photo cube idea.  So much cuter.  Would be so easy to make with dollar store frames on a Hobby Lobby box.  Inexpensive and more family photo space :) A must try project for me.  Will post when I make my own.  Always love a frame that looks good from all sides, not just the front.