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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fixing broken or cracked makeup

I pinned this idea the other day, and I tried it with a broken powder compact I had. It worked, and I realized I never posted the results.

First I took the broken powder and poured all the contents onto a piece of paper so I could clean up the case. This thing was a mess and making a mess in my makeup basket.

After cleaning it up with my powder brush...

I used the paper to help pour the broken powder back into the compact.

Next I poured in a little rubbing alcohol (just enough to make it a paste).

 I stirred and pounced the mixture with the bottom of a makeup brush to make it an even consistency.

I let it sit overnight and voila, fixed powder. I was shocked at how well it worked! And so simple.

So glad it turned out. Thank you Pinterest!

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