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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Use nail polish to create a custom iphone case

I've created a monster :). My oldest daughter has inherited my "project" gene :). I came home yesterday from running an errand with my younger daughter, and my older daughter greets me at the door with this:  a custom iphone case she painted with nail polish. I was actually impressed.

It started with a clear case we bought at the dollar store a long time ago. She said she painted it with black nail polish first, then painted a top coat of silver crackle paint. Last was a top coat of clear polish.

I was shocked it looked so good. And now she can touch it up if it chips. My husband just shakes his head and says, great...there's going to be three of you running around here "creating" things :). I never would have thought of it, but to a thirteen year old, this is the best project ever :)

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