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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Using table clothes for drapes

Tablecloths come in tons of fabrics and lengths and they are a lot more affordable than drapery panels!

Now that ring clips have been back in style as drapery hardware for a while, it makes it a lot easier to use raw fabric as drapes. But who wants to hem fabric? Don't we all want a no sew easy drape that is super affordable and fits our window perfectly? We don't ask for much :)

One thing I always noticed was that my linen stores always had tons of tablecloths on clearance (or that they were down right cheap compared to drapes), yet they seemed like the same thing.

Not to mention that in my area windows are soooo tall and there were never panels long enough for my windows.

Tablecloths come in lengths as long as 120" standard! Some as cheap as $10 regular price.

I've used tablecloths in both my dining room and master bedroom and love them. I've posted pictures of both on other posts noting tie backs and hanging methods, but here are some additional photos. Happy hunting!

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