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Monday, September 3, 2012

How to make a great earring rack!

It's my first new post of the new school year :)

My daughters and I have struggled with a way to store their earrings ever since we got their ears pierced. We kept them on the original cards, we used ice cube trays, we even bought those cute earring holders at Claire's. Nothing worked. The cards were too cumbersome, the ice cube trays left a bunch of earrings you couldn't see, and the retail racks require removing the backs every time you take them on and off. I knew there had to be a better way and there was.

I decided I needed a way to see all of the earrings and the only solution would be a flat wall rack. It would have holes large enough to allow a dangle hook to go through it with the small rubber back still on it. I also knew it didn't exist so I would have to make it.

I went to Home Depot and found these great metal sheets with different patterns punched in them (1' x 2' for $10). I chose this pattern because the holes where large enough to allow for the earring back to go through and small enough so we could hang a lot of pairs.  This is the assembled piece but a good shot of the sheet metal, too.

I then headed to the molding section. I knew it needed to be picture frame molding to allow the sheet to be recessed on the back. If I was going to hang it from the wall there would need to be space for the back of the earrings between the sheet metal and the wall. I found this l-shaped molding for 63¢ per foot.

I went ahead and cut it on their miter box there even though I have one at home. That way I was sure I had exactly enough molding, I could do a dry fit with all the pieces, and most importantly I could do all the sawing in air conditioning :)

So I headed home and began to assemble. I used two brad nails on each corner to secure each side of the frame. I used my staple gun that shoots small brad nails to make it go faster and my counter sink to sink them just slightly below the surface. 

Once the frames where assembled, I spray painted them silver to match the sheet metal.

Once dry, I used some glue to adhere the sheet metal to the frame, and done!

This project was so simple and my daughters were so excited. Now all those pairs of earrings will be worn!

Good luck and let me know of you have any questions :)

- I did not use wood glue on the corners, but you can if you want it more stable during assembly. I'm too impatient to wait for drying :) and the sheet metal gluing stabilizes the whole thing in the end.
- I also did not use wood putty to fill the brad nail holes or corner joints. Again too impatient to wait or drying and sanding:) But you can if you want a more "perfectly" finished look.
- I already had the brad nails and glue and paint, so just use what you have! All can be purchased at home depot while you are there if you don't have anything yet.  This is the glue I had that worked great (LockTite Stik'nSeal Outdoor Adhesive).

- I found a few spots on the sheet metal needed to be weighted down during drying since it was coming up a little. Spaghetti boxes worked perfectly :)

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