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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scrap Art Project...Nothing is Better than Free

Today was a "make wall art for my office for free" day ; )  It's actually not the first piece I've made, but the first ones are at my office now, and I don't have pictures.  So I'm blogging about these two first : )

I've taken a part time job at a real estate office and needed wall art.  Being the upcycler that I am, it became a challenge to do it all for free.  So the rummaging through my garage began.

I have already hung an iron wall piece I had, but the walls are big and it needed something on either side to make it look more substatial (The iron piece is about 18" x 18").

I first found the two corner blocks.  They are from an old mirror framing project, and they had already been refinished (painted black and dry brushed with bronze).  I decided I could frame them and hang them on either side.

Then I moved to my scrap wood pile.  I had enough pieces of one kind to make one frame, and enough of another kind to make a second.  They don't match perfectly but look good together : )

I cut each piece slightly larger than the corner block (at 45 degree angles) and glued them together with hot glue.  I then glued a small piece of plastic to the back so I had something to glue the corner block to (you could use cardboard even).  I painted the whole thing black, glued the corner block in the center and done : )

Of course it was yelling out for more detail :)  So I glued a black ribbon to the top to "hang" it from.

Yes, I wanted more detail.  So I took an old handle I replaced off of an armoire and screwed it to the top of the ribbon and voila!

Love how they turned out.  Will post a pic of all three pieces hanging together on Monday!

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