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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another refinished polished brass light fixture

This one is in my master bath.  In this case I had a lot of finishes competing, so I had to mix it up.  Since the mirror molding is a black and metallic dark brown finish and a blacker iron piece is hanging above, I decided the fixture needed to be different enough that it didn't start all looking the same.  So I painted this one with brown craft paint first. Again right on the original finish. 

This is the original fixture (before the mirror frame was added).  I did not sand or prime it (since it won't be touched) or take it down (I just taped around it and removed the light globes).  I used the stipple painting technique again so it has texture.

This is after the brown (no mirror frame up yet).

As you can see its a little flat at this point.  Then I drybrushed the whole thing with the lighter metallic bronze craft paint to give it shine and interest, then I highlighted with Modern Options Sophisticated Finishes Blackened Bronze (its darker, so it gives it more richness and helps it coordinate with the darker frame and iron piece).  Notice the frame is on the mirror now : )

Here's a close up shot of the finish.

Here's the before and after shot  (quite a difference!).

Another 7 years and least I know the finish lasts : )   Good luck painting yours!

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