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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Refinish your polished brass light fixtures

I know a lot of us still have some polished brass around our house that we would love to update.

Did you know you can easily and inexpensively paint your polished brass light fixtures to update them?

This fixture is in my half bath. The only prep work I did was tape off the outer edge of the light and remove the globes. Because you don't touch light fixtures there is no risk of ruining the finish.  My fixtures have been painted for 7 years now with no issues (is was supposed to be temporary, but I won't replace them until I find a deal :)

I stipple painted on the Modern Options Sophisticated Finishes Blackened Bronze paint (to give it texture) then I dry brushed "highlights" of an espresso metallic craft paint on some of the raised parts (the color is lighter so it gives the piece more interest and depth).

Took about 30 minutes total time and it was almost free (it uses so little of the paint that is already inexpensive). Hope this helps inspire you...happy updating!


  1. I LOVE this--you did such a great job! Looks fabulous! Would you mind sharing brand names of the paints you used, where you found them, & any other details I might need to know.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. The darker paint is listed and can be found at Michael's in the wood paint section vs. craft paint in my store. They have a website if you search the product you can see what it looks like. The lighter paint I found at Hobby Lobby by Decoart called dazzling metallics espresso brown or rich espresso. It is in the craft paint section there. For brushes I just used kids paint brushes to stipple, and a paper towel to "buff" the lighter paint onto the raised areas. Good luck!