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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My new favorite place to sit in my backyard!

...or a new way to use a hanging chair and a firepit stand.

My daughter and I found this cute hanging chair at a local JcPenney outlet store for $20 and had to have it. Of course it was cheap, because it had no stand. We struggled to find a place to hang it and ended up hanging it from our swingset. We were never happy with it there but at least it was useable.

As luck would have it, our old firepit bowl rusted through and left us with a stand with no home. Yesterday my daughter proclaimed, why not use it as a base for the pod chair. I was skeptical that it would work, but tried it anyway (I'm a project kind of a girl after all :). Fell in love the second I set it on there, found the perfect spot, and haven't gotten out of it yet! The stand put the chair at the perfect height. It is so much more comfortable than when it was hanging, and the angle of the chair is adjustable now. 

I love spring and all the fun outdoor projects that come along with it :)

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