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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Use a basket as an appliance garage

I have an odd space under my built-in microwave that I couldn't figure out how to decorate or use.

I've always wanted an appliance garage, but figuring out a way to rig some sort of door that fit under there was proving troublesome. One day it came to me...find a basket with a hinged lid that fit well in the opening (leaving room to still use the counter space as well). That part was easy, lots to choose from at lots of stores. I'd turn it on its side so the lid would lay flat on the counter when I opened it.

I added a pretty cabinet handle to give it more detail and interest.  I added washers on the back where the screws are to hold it in place through the basket weaves. It worked perfectly.  Gave the area more texture and a natural element.

It holds my popcorn popper, toaster, egg poacher and accessories. I store my microwave splatter cover on top of it, but you can't see that because its clear and in the shadow (but that's the point :).

Hope this inspires you to fill an odd space in your kitchen, or add much needed additional storage. Could be a coffee station, hold everything you use for breakfast, etc. The ideas are limitless :)

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