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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Use old plastic lids as ceiling medallions

I don't know if you have ever bought a ceiling medallion at Home Depot, but essentially there are a piece of plastic you hang between your ceiling and light fixture cap to make it look more substantial. They cost $10 to $20 each for a piece of plastic!

Now if you've read my blog you've seen me use iron wall art and old mirror frames as ceiling medallions, but by far the cheapest solution I have is old plastic lids.

Basically I found an old bucket lid laying on the ground outside my house (someone's trash most likely), and when I picked it up I thought, "that looks just like a ceiling medallion."  It was too beat up to use, so I decided to see what I had around the house. 

I looked in my tupperware drawer. I put all the pieces together to see what was left. I had a couple old larger plastic lids that didn't fit anything left, so I painted them, and put one under my bedroom ceiling fan.  You just need to cut a hole in the middle of it to make room for the wiring, etc.  (just like a real medallion has).

I put the other under my bathroom chandelier.

Easy FREE solution to something I would buy anyway (I for some reason just can't stand the look of a little 4" cap on a big light fixture).  I would have preferred larger bucket sized lids, but I used what I had.  In the future I'll be hitting up construction sites for more, when I ready to add them to my daughters rooms : )  Happy hunting.

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