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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My wine cork letter :)

Today I decided it was time to do a project I have pinned an Pinterest :). Mainly because my boards are getting cluttered, and I'm ready to start deleting the completed ones.

I realized I had everything I needed to make my wine cork letter "A". I wanted it to sit on something vs. be free standing (wanting it to have a little more presence). So I started by gluing two corks on each side of the base (a bamboo soap dish holder I had from Ikea). I used hot glue to put it all together, and it worked great.

I then added one cork at a time to each side at a slight angle. Once the sides met I just glued the top two together.

Being a letter A I also had to place the cross bar. I held two corks up to see where I wanted it, then started gluing. It turned out I needed three across the middle, but it worked out great and I just love it.

Thank you again Pinterest for all of the ideas :)

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