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Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY candle with "remnant" wax

So this was a "use it or throw it away" day.  I went to change my scentsy wax block out and saw the pile of "used" wax I keep in my candle cabinet.  Old candle wax (where the wicks are gone but there is still wax), old scentsy wax (a jar where I pour all of the used "unscented" wax), old candles in bad colors, etc.

For this project I used an old blue taper I had for the wick.  Cut the taper in half or shorter.  The candle portion needs to be shorter than the height of the wax in the container.  This is easier to determine after the wax is poured into the container.   The wick needs to be as high as the top of the container to stabilize it (further explained below).

For the wax I primarily used the scentsy reject wax poured into these containers (there was a little old candle wax in the jar, too :)

To get the wax out of the jar, I just boiled it for a few minutes until enough melted that it would pour out.  It will just pop out of plastic. Sometimes you can break it out of a glass container with a butter knife if there is just a little, but this jar had a lot.

No photo for the next step, sorry, but once I was able to get the wax out of all the containers, I emptied this pan of water and placed all of the wax back in it.  I put it on low until it all melted and then poured it into my mold (this plastic bowl I have).  I then taped the wick to a pencil and balanced it on top to keep it centered and upright.

After refrigerating, I popped the candle out and there you have it.  A new big candle for free.  The exact amount I want to spend on every project : )


You might use cooking spray to help get the candle out easily.  Took me longer to get it out than I wanted. 

You can easily clean the pot and bowl in the diswasher.  The hot water gets all of the remnant wax off.

In the future, I'm keeping an old taper in a jar and pouring my scentsy wax in as I use it.  Once it gets to the top of the taper, I have my candle : )

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