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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Mason Jar works on my blender base!

Thank you to my Pinterest friends for this one.  Found an old mason jar in my candle cabinet today, so thought I would try it out on my blender to see if it fit!  It does!!!!  I have a Hamilton Beach glass blender and it fit right on.  Can't wait to grind some spices or make a dressing or whatever!  Now I'll be on the look out for more mason jars to make frozen drinks in individual servings!  Summer is looking better and better every day : )

Please note: do not use with hot or even warm liquids.  The pressure of the steam might crack the glass.

Here's what it looks like on (up close).  This is a smaller jar (I'll find a larger one to try, then I'll be on the hunt for the ones with the handles for mixed drinks ;)

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