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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hair dryer storage project complete

Whoever doesn't think Pinterest is the best website ever invented doesn't get on it!

Now that I have that off of my chest :), here is my "saw it on Pinterest and did it" project for the day.  The hair dryer storage using a magazine file.

So this is the best idea I think I've seen (did I say that before ; )

You buy a cheap magazine file (or use one you have).  These two are from Ikea, both from the as is section for $3 each (but they have a lot of options for cheap regular price ones).  I wouldn't use the strong paper ones for obvious reasons (wet area and cardboard don't mix :).  Their metal and plastic ones are mostly 2 for $7.  I personally prefer the mesh one, but my older daugther didn't want to be able to see through it, so to each their own ; )

Just screw it onto your cabinet door (use three screws that are short enough that they won't go through your cabinet door, two on top and one on bottom) and set the hairdryer in.  It couldn't have taken me more than 5 minutes to do both.

For the mesh one, it was easier (holes were already in it.  For the solid metal one, I used a nail to "predrill" the holes : ) 

I placed two screws on either side of the top just inside for both.

I also found that you need to secure the bottom as well to make sure it doesn't move around too much.  I used the hole on the spine to place one more screw on the bottom of each.  This was hard to photograph, but here's the bottom screw on the solid one.

And here it is on the mesh one.  This access hole on this one isn't very big, but it was still easy to secure the screw.

Again, don't use screws that are too long and ruin the front of your cabinet.  Also, if your cabinet is "raised panel"  make sure you are placing the screws in the right places (where you have the thickest part of the cabinet).

This is a must do if you own a hairdryer so get on it : )

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