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Sunday, January 6, 2013

My latest wine cork letter

So, I got bored the other day after putting away all of my Christmas decorations. My home was looking a little "naked" after all of the beautiful "extra" decorations were put away. I decided there was a spot on one of my shelves in my bar that needed a little something, and this is where crafting/decorating begins in my home :). What would I make? A wink cork letter of course :). What else would you make for your bar? I had already done a capital A, so I decided to do a lower case a. One like an old typewriter would make vs. a cursive lowercase a. I was worried that it wouldn't stay because the top arm wouldn't have support once it was complete. But as you can see, it turned out just fine.

Tip: Let it dry or cure overnight laying down. Even though I used hot glue which dries quickly. It still needed to set overnight so it wouldn't droop once I stood it up.

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