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Monday, January 7, 2013

Walmart boots laced even cuter

My daughter has been dying for tall wedge boots. We even spotted a cute pair at Ross before Christmas, but they didn't have her size at any of the stores by us. So yesterday we decided to hunt our local "mills" outlet mall and came up empty handed. Rue 21 had a pair that was close but didn't have her size either.

Today I ran to Walmart for a return and came upon these cute boots for $25 that were almost exactly like the ones we saw at Ross and at the same price.

Brought them home for her to try and they looked a little sloppy. The tops just kind of flop with nothing holding them together.

So we decided to force the tops to lace. We "punched" through the faux fur twice on each side and continued lacing them up. Made them look slimmer and helped the laces look less sloppy, too. 

Here they are side by side before and after.  Luckily they have a side zipper so the laces don't have to be re-tied each time risking ruining the punched holes.

Easy quick fix for a cute inexpensive pair of winter boots :)  I just used a large injector tip to punch a hole, but you could use a nail even.  Lastly they had them in black, too : )

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