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Monday, March 19, 2012

A custom playset sign

...or what your daughters do when they are bored and have a mother who does projects all day and rubs off on them : )

So my youngest daughter came to me over spring break and said she wanted to make a sign for her play set.  This kid loves to come up with outlandish projects and then leave it to me to iron out the details.  Since we didn't go on vacation over the week, I decided a few fun projects like this would help the time pass by and result in a lot less "I'm bored"s.

I started by having them make a list of possible names.  This was definitely the fun part.  They ended up choosing The Rotten Raft (they thought it was funny because their playset is older, 10 years old now, and it sort of looks like a raft).

I found and old piece of scrap molding we used in our old house and they approved.  They liked it because it was only lightly primed and therefore looked weathered.  They then got out our old paint collection (and decided on orange, since we had red and yellow left over craft paint and the orange would match a new bucket they recently added...another project I will detail later).

I took on the task of painting, as I was going to be able to see this sign from my back windows and I didn't want to stare at a badly painted sign every day.  I mixed the paint, drew the letters out on paper for their approval, lightly penciled it on the board, and quickly painted them.  It turned out just the way they wanted (or so they said).

Once it dried we hung it on the playset with two nails straight through the sides of the sign into the play set wood, and they just love it!

Now where else do we need some custom made signs? : )

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