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Monday, April 2, 2012

Paint plugs to help them blend in or coordinate

Yes you can paint plug plates (socket and all) if you are unhappy with the finish. I've posted this before, but it was just a shot of this completed plug (since I had finished the project years ago).

I had two plugs left in my kitchen that I hadn't painted, so I tackled them today. I used Rustoleum hammered metal paint. I would recommend spray paint over house paint because it drys harder and bonds better (being oil based vs. latex, and in my case designed for use on metal).

Here is the shot by shot project.

Tape it off (use paper or plastic, to give you about 12 inches of coverage around the socket).

Lightly spray several coats of your preferred color until you are happy with the coverage (drying for 5 minutes in between don't want the paint to run).

After the last coat I take the tape off so I can correct any possible overspray or drips before it drys. If you taped well, that won't happen of course :)

Here is the side by side comparison before I did the second plug.

Let it cure 48 hours before you use it! This is important as the bonding and drying process takes time.

So now all of my plugs in my kitchen looked like hammered metal instead of black plastic!  Well, not the ones on my tile backspash, but that's a project for another day :)


  1. Tried this, and I'm thrilled with the results!!!! I'm going to do my entire house. It is relatively simple as long as you are careful with the prep.

    Thanks for the tip!!!! SO MUCH EASIER than removing them, plus, the switches are not white, they are oil rubbed bronze, like I want them. :)

    1. Glad to hear it worked so well, and yes, you do have to be careful with the side overspray. I find if you can slip the tape a little under the plate to prevent it, it helps as well. Good luck with the whole house!