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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost topiaries for your front porch, $2!

Here is a super fast and easy way to decorate for Halloween.  These are my little ghosts that sit on my front porch that cost me $2 to make.  Using dollar store white table clothes, I draped them over my topiaries that already sit outside my front door.  I drew eyes and a mouth with permanent market and done!

You can make these anywhere you have a topiary sitting in your home.  Large or small!  It couldn't be simpler.

I used a rectangular plastic party tablecloth (because they didn't have round).  Just fold it over to the point where the front and back would touch the ground once they are on the topiary.  Once in place I sort of tuck the tablecloth around to make it stay (mine are in corners inside of an outdoor entryway.  If your are in the open, you might use table cloth weighs to keep them down, or ribbon loosely around their neck to keep the tablecloths from blowing off.

I will admit some small children are leary to come to my door because they think there is a real child in there : )  I just pat them on the head to show them they aren't.  Very funny actually!

I have been using these for 4 years now using the same cloth over and over!  Well worth the $2 it cost to make them : )  Can't wait to see others!

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