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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Chandeliers! Decorate your Chandeliers for the holidays.

For those of you who aren't decoration your chandeliers, here area  few quick and easy ideas.

For my kitchen dining table, I used skeleton hands from Dollar Tree.  It was $1 for a package of 10.  They already had holes in them,  I used a little string to tie a loop on each one, then hung them from spots on my chandelier.  To add a little more interest I used bat garland from last year Target Halloween clearance to fill the inside of the chandlier a little.  It looks a little like spider webs or cob webs from a distance.  Love the spooky affect  for $1.50 : )

For my dining room I used the mini skeletons from Dollar Tree.  This one two two packages (4 for $1).  I bought one pack of black and one paack of cream.  I tied the same string around them and hung them from the bottom loops.  I also filled in with the same black bat garland.  These look a little like dead people who have been hung, but I just love it.  Can't get enought spooky, and only $2.50 total cost.

The last example is a little more "cute".  I just used these simple little Halloween buckets you find at many stores and hung the five I got in the package on the chandelier I have over my stovetop.  Less spooky and more decorative.  Quick and easy as well since they just hang from the handles they come with.  I have these in frankenstines and skeletons as well, so there are many styles available.

Hope this inspires you to create some neat chandeliers for your Halloween party!

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