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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Using permanent markers to update old candles for Halloween

A quick post to show you how I've used black permanent marker to update old candles to use for the holidays.

My first example above is my "witchy" fingers.  There are some old colored greenish tapier candles I have owned for a long time and have sat in my candle cabinet for years unused.  On a halloween decorating frenzy, I pulled them out and thought, "these are sort of spooky looking, but they need to be spookier to fit in with my Halloween stuff".  So I took a black permanent marker and drew a squiggly, jaggedy line all the way up the (like a candle cane, going around and up at an angle)  They turned out so cute.  My daughter is the one who said, "They look like witch fingers, Mom."

This next one I drew spider webs on.  These sit on my coffee table and look boring just white.   So I as sat watching TV I drew three spiderwebs on each.  Super simple, quick and free (my favorite).

My last is a random orange candle my mother gave me that had never been used because it didn't match my decor.  Naturally, being orange, it was destined to be a Halloween decoration : )  I kept it simple with the same squiggly, jaggedy lines, but this time they run up the candle.  It just adds a little touch to make it more than just an orange candle sitting there.

So there you have it.  Three ways (of many) to use black permanent market to update candles for the holiday.  Draw spiders, witch silhouettes, scary faces, ghost faces, jack o lantern  faces...the options are endless.  I'd love to see what you've done with candles and permanent marker : )

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