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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Using Black Gauzy Draping For Halloween Decor

I have used that great, webby, gauzy, black draping throughout my house as Halloween decor and thought I'd make a compilation posting showing you several ways you can incorporate it.

First is the most obvious mandle draping.  I have stone on the top of my mantle which makes it stick fairly easily, so it was really simple, too.  This is two pieces just lifted in differnt spots to give a creepy but decorative look.

A second idea is as a cushion or buffer for candles.  In several cases I was looking for filler to make several of my Halloween decor items looks more "complete".  I used it under my black pumpkins to make them look larger and under my candles to make them look creepier.

I've also used the material as filler.  In this case its a skull in a cauldron.  I used the black fabric to help the skeleton sit up in the bowl (it's hard to'll also note I've also added a piece of the bloody white guaze for the same reason).

One craft idea is using it around candles to turn them from white candles into Halloween candles.  I hot glued a strip around each one, simply sliding them on and off each year.  This particular fabric is a little different from the stuff they are selling at Dollar Tree this year.  I picked it up a previous year at a different story and it was a heavier weave, but I think the gauzier kind would look just as good.

Lastly, I have also used it as sort of a table drape to fill in around my dining table table scape.  Sort of like spider webs meandering through the different pieces.

Hope these ideas inspire your use of fabrics as part of your holidy decor this Halloween!

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